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Posted on: October 8, 2009

The existence of a well designed web page is beyond crucial when it comes to offering your products and services online.  Once your company has a web presence, many opportunities could present themselves; however, creating an efficient, thoughtful web page is not an easy task.  There are many things to think about like: the products you will offer, visual design (ie. colors, mood, tones, style), ease of use, content relevance, security or trust issues if online purchasing is an option, and support for the web user.

When creating an effective web page it is important to understand your customers.  The web page must speak to them and keep them interested as well as provide everything they are looking for.  A web page must also convey your company’s theme and vision to the consumer.  If you have a traditional brick and mortar presence – a website is just an additional means of communication.  Other times a web page is the only conveyance of communication available.  Regardless of the situation – a well designed web page is a must.  To understand and read more about the importance of a website read an article by Sharon Lepcha entitled Importance of Website Design and Development.

There are many strategies to use once deciding to build a web presence.  You could research online and find some interesting resources telling you everything from how to create your own web page to what types of font and color to use.  Sites like Make A Website and can walk you through making a simple web page by yourself.  Sites like are also helpful – they released a four part series showcasing things like the top seven fonts used by professionals in web design and the top seven overused techniques and elements used in web design.   Making a web page by yourself could be useful if you don’t have the resources to hire someone or maybe if you aren’t big enough to add a web campaign into the marketing budget.

The other option is hiring a professional web design company to create a spectacular site for you.  This takes the stress off you and allows a professional to create the page and incorporate all the elements of a successful page.  West Coast Web is an example of such a company and they do amazing work.

When creating a webpage there are numerous things to consider and it is important that you take your time because creating a successful web presence is not a simple task.  Once the webpage is operational it is important to update regularly and measure the effectiveness so you can see how a website influences your company’s success.


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