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Kodak & Social Media

Posted on: October 15, 2009

Social networking is an essential part of brand and customer engagement.  The social networking world is always growing and there are always new ways of social networking.  It seems like sites such as Twitter, and Facebook are emerging every day.  While researching brand engagement and social networking I came across the Kodak website. I was absolutely amazed by the various techniques the brand uses in order to engage customers.

Kodak has three professional blogs.  A Thousand Words is a blog written by the people of Kodak who love what they do and want to share their stories about how they use imaging.  Grow Your Biz is a blog where Kodak shares insights about products, and technologies for the graphics communications industry.  Plugged In is where consumers go for information regarding Kodak products and services and can read the latest news, tips and reviews.

Kodak also implements Twitter – currently operating ten accounts.  Two Twitter accounts are at the corporate level one being the “Chief Blogger” Jennifer Cisney, she is the social media manager of Kodak and the other is Jeffery Hayzlett who is the Chief Marketing Officer for Kodak.  Kodak also has four international Twitter platforms, three consumer level accounts and one dedicated to showcase current trends in graphic communication.

Kodak also uses YouTube and has its own channel appropriately named the Kodak Channel. They also have a Flickr photostream which showcases tons of photos from Kodak contests and events, if you join the group you can “tell your story”.  They also “tag” relevant material in their very own delicious account.

Kodak has a podcast entitled Kodak Close Up which brings together photographers, scientists, executives, and others for conversations about company news, groundbreaking innovation, and more. What I found extremely interesting is the fact that they have webcasts online that include  a recorded version of the “Kodak company earnings conference call”,  and “Annual Meetings, and Investors Meetings”.

Kodak also has Applications on iTunes for the iPhone &iTouch which includes the Kodak SmileMaker Application which tries to make every picture a happy one by having the option to add smiles to the people in the picture.

Kodak supports the deepening and strengthening of relationships and that is why they are involved in such social networks as Facebook.  You can become a fan, or add an application.They have the Konga Line which is an application that allows you and friends to post pictures into the same gallery, a Smile Meter which spreads the love of smiling.  There are also international Kodak Facebook accounts, as well as numerous contests consumers can enter.

As learned in my Marketing 430 lecture: marketers should go where the people are, not expect the people to come to them.  According to Catherine Seda social networking is “the online tools and platforms that people use to share opinions, insights, experiences and perspectives with each other.  Just over 10 percent of Fortune 500 companies have public blogs. Kodak implements a wide range of tactics including blogs and I believe Kodak has a cutting edge advantage to social media compared to other companies.


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