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Posted on: November 20, 2009

Moving from a traditional bricks and mortar store to a web presence is one of the most important things to consider and implement in this day and age.  Everything is becoming more technologically oriented.  If you don’t have interactive advertising for your brand or company, let alone a web presence, you will quickly become extinct.

Traditional advertising is becoming a thing of the past. Interactive web advertising can be specifically marketed towards your online, receptive target market.  Online marketing is interactive and can lead to online shopping. Behavioural targeting is also one of the many benefits offered with interactive advertising.  A brand can track and monitor their audience and therefore customize an online experience for each consumer.

After learning about interactive advertising I decided to classify a few websites I usually visit as to which type of advertising purpose they complete effectively.  The first purpose is to advertise the brand, aiming to build awareness of a product by putting the brand name and product benefits in front of the user.  A blog entitled Integrated Marketing Strategies – Building and Maintaining Brand Awareness and Identity written by Shannon Evans highlights many key ideas to build brand awareness.

I feel the Apple iPhone’s website is fulfilling this purpose very effectively.  When viewing the homepage for the iPhone there are so many links and articles to click on to educate me; however, I feel it is not overwhelming.  The newest 3G iPhone has so many capabilities, and each one is highlighted on this website.  I especially like the Apps page where it gives a complete explanation of all the kinds of applications for your iPhone and most of them are interactive so you can try them out and see how cool they are.  There are so many options for your iPhone that you leave the webpage feeling informed and excited to customize your iPhone experience.

The next two purposes of interactive advertising are: to motivate an action by direct response advertising such as a click direct to purchase.  This purpose also delivers more information about a product in order to solicit a response.  The last purpose is to retain customers.  In order to do this, there will be constant reminders of the brand in the form of promotions and prize draws.  Eileen Shulock, Managing Editor of Web Digest For Marketers, wrote a blog entitled 12 Internet Customer Retention Tactics. Some tactics include offering customized content, offer personalized picks, and asking for opinions.

I have always been a fan of Benefit Cosmetics. I think this website is implementing direct response advertising, and customer retention.  Previously I would buy a few items from Benefit, but now I buy all of my cosmetics from this brand.  They send me customized e-mails, constantly reminding me of this brand.  Benefit always has promotions and prizes.  The company always offers free products or goodies with a certain value purchase, and they always send free samples with their orders which usually ends up with me buying the new product.  When I go to their site, they remember me and are always offering products that they have noticed I would enjoy. They have an “easy reorder” button, and they always remember what I like, so it is drawing me to give a response and I usually do.  The Benefit Cosmetics also builds brand awareness.  Each product has a detailed description as well as a mini-lesson on how to use the product.  This website is very effective in implementing the three purposes of interactive advertising.


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